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Please contact the UC Health Clinics Reception for information on expected wait-list timeframes. Please contact the UC Health Clinics reception for information on the expected wait-list time frames. If you are interested in accessing individual therapy, group therapy or an assessment from the UC Psychology Clinic, please contact the UC Health Clinics Reception to place your name on the relevant referral list. Additionally, due to potential conflicts of interest we do not provide services to UC students studying psychology or students expecting to complete placements at the UC Health Clinics. For more information about the group programs currently on offer, please call the UC Health Clinics Reception. The UC Psychology Clinic regularly offers a number of evidence-based group programs, including Cool Kids (aimed at children with anxiety), Chilled (aimed at adolescents with anxiety), Putting Off Procrastination (aimed at students and adults struggling with procrastination) and Surviving Stress (aimed at students and adults struggling with stress management). Referrals for cognitive assessments are open all year, however there can be a delay before individuals are contacted to determine their eligibility for the clinic. Referrals for individual therapy are accepted throughout the year, however at times the intake can be closed due to high demand. Self-referrals are accepted, as are referrals from other professionals such as GPs, school psychologists and other health professionals. If it is determined that other resources would be more helpful to you, then appropriate referrals will be provided. Person-centred feedback and recommendations are provided in person and in written reports. At this time, our clinic provides services that are free of charge to the community. An additional goal of the Clinic is the integration of research and clinical training. The primary goal of the Clinic is to provide an introduction to clinical training for clinical psychology graduate students. The UC Berkeley Psychology Clinic provides high quality assessments and evaluations at a reduced fee for the larger Bay Area community. Current fees for therapy range from $15 to $95 and are assigned on a sliding adjustable fee scale based upon income and number of dependents. The UC Psychology Clinic offers cognitive assessments for a range of presenting concerns including intellectual disability, school-based achievement and academic giftedness, general cognitive ability and specific learning disorders (e.g., این لینک dyslexia). At the UC Psychology Clinic we offer low cost evidence-based psychological services to UC students and the community. If you have any sort of inquiries pertaining to where and how you can make use of برای اطلاعات بخش اعظم به اینجا کلیک کنید, you can contact us at our own page.

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