The Grab-It Gadget Is A Total Lifesaver And It’s On Sale For $49.99!

If you were to slide back the driver’s seat in your car right now, how much stuff do you think you’d find in there? A credit card, some change — or maybe that spare house key you swore was gone forever. No matter how careful you are, dropping things in the many nooks and crannies of your car, office, kitchen, and wherever else is as normal as it is annoying.

If you’re sick of losing your stuff to hard-to-reach places, this ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadget is about to become your new best friend. Completely eliminating the need to push your hand through tight, awkward spaces, like the side of your car seat or the space between the kitchen counter and the refrigerator, this handy tool effortlessly picks up whatever you’re trying to reach.

Boasting a 19-inch flexible telescopic claw, this grabbing device can reach far into spaces that your hands and arms can never fit into, and can grab items up to 10 pounds. And that’s with the help of the device’s 23-inch flexible telescope magnet and detachable LED flashlight light, of course. And while this gadget is long enough to reach deep into tight spaces, it’s capable of being stored in something as small as your car’s glove compartment in between uses.

Featured on Dragon’s Den S12 Ep3, LA Times, Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, and more, the ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadget continues to be a must-have gadget in anyone’s household, car, or office. But don’t just take our word for it — check out these incredible online reviews!

“As an industrial engineer having the right tool for the right job makes all the difference for success.
This quality grabbing tool arrived on time and helped to complete a critical job!” – Bruce

“When the grabber arrived, we were so pleasantly surprised at how substantial and well made it is that we were tempted to drop something deliberately just to try it out. We feel certain that when the inevitable time comes, it will serve us well, and we’re very happy to have it.” – Swazzana

“Wow, I have discovered the ultimate ‘mom’ tool! I used this multiple times the first day I received it. I rescued a pacifier, retrieved multiple socks behind my dryer, and let’s not mention the gross items I found hiding in my car (yikes) I think I will order another so I can leave one in the house and one in the car.” – Jacqueline G.

If you act fast, you can get a bundle of two ODii Ultimate Grab-It Gadgets at over 15% off for just $50 bucks!

Price subject to change.

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