Take Control Of Your Home With This Smart AC Controller

Is there anything worse than returning home after a long day only to be met with hot, stale air? The summer months can be brutal and an air-conditioned home can quickly become an oasis when the outside temps reach triple digits. But if you can’t enjoy that nice, cool air the second you walk in the door, what good is having an AC?

Thanks to this Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller, you can rev up that cool air so that your home’s the perfect temperature right when you walk in the door. No matter what AC unit you currently have, this little controller, which is no bigger than a computer mouse, lets you turn up or down the air from pretty much anywhere. In other words? Your regular old AC can turn into a smart device without you having to replace a thing!

The secret to the Sensibo SKY’s magic is simply the internet! The little gadget actually gets your AC online so that you can control it, even when you’re miles away. Whether you want to cool things down before you get home or turn it on while your pet’s home alone, this controller can do it all. You can even program a schedule, apply geo-fencing, and get filter cleaning alerts to conserve energy.

With an impressive 4.2/5-star rating on Amazon and rave reviews on multiple tech sites, the Sensibo SKY is becoming a must-have summertime gadget. Just see for yourself why people are loving it so much!

“I have had my Sensibo for over a year now and cannot rave about it enough. It is convenient and practical, and I love being about to control my A/C from my phone.” – Michael A.

“Great unit – easy to setup and integrated perfectly with Amazon Alexa. This has made my life so much easier!” – Matt

“Not the kind of person to sit down and review products, but this one deserves it all ! From installation (which basically is just plug & play) to the features – purchasing 2 more right now as i write this!” – Shueib

And if you love the Sensibo SKY, you’ll absolutely love the Sensibo Air + Room Sensor! This “indoor climate ecosystem” turns any AC or heat pump into a smart device, allowing it to sense when or when not to turn on. That means no more cooling or heating empty rooms, wasting energy and hiking up your electric bill. Talk about customization!

For a limited time, you can snag the Sensibo SKY Smart AC Controller at 33% off, making it just $99 bucks! And even the Sensibo Air + Room Sensor is on sale at just $179 bucks.

Prices subject to change.

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