Russell Wilson Says The Seahawks Would Have Boycotted If They Had A Game This Week

Seattle Seahawks star Russell Wilson thinks the team would have boycotted if they had a game this week.

The NBA, MLB and NHL all postponed games in protest to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin by a police officer. The star quarterback thinks the Seahawks would have been right there with them. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

“Yeah, for sure. I think just witnessing what happened to Jacob and everything else and all the things have have added up to this, it’s devastating. It’s truly devastating just to watch that,” Wilson said during an interview on 710 ESPN Seattle when asked about if the team would have boycotted with the other leagues, according to Brady Henderson.

You can read his full quote below.

The amount of stupidity going around our pro sports leagues right now is truly stunning. It’s truly stunning how detached from reality these teams and athletes are.

I respect the hell out of Russell Wilson. He played in the red and white for Wisconsin and he’s a good dude. That’s just a fact.

Having said that, Wilson’s take on this situation is really dumb when it comes to Jacob Blake, and he’s not alone.

All the athletes refusing to play are choosing a really bad hill to die on. Jacob Blake admitted to being armed, and there was an investigation by the Wisconsin DOJ. Have any of these athletes read the report or are they just doing whatever the woke Twitter mob tells them to do?

Let’s get specific here. What are the athletes protesting? Kenosha turned into a war zone, and two of my closest friends damn near got shot. Where are the protests on that? Why aren’t athletes speaking out on rioters burning down my state?

Athletes should use their platforms, but they should also stick to the facts. There seems to be a serious lack of the latter, and I say that as a guy who likes Wilson and respects him.

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