REPORT: Ryan Day, Paul Chryst, Jim Harbaugh, James Franklin And Scott Frost Are Pushing For Big 10 Football In 2020

Five Big 10 coaches are leading the fight to save the season.

The Big 10 canceled football in early August because of the coronavirus pandemic, and the fallout has been absolutely unreal to watch. Now, the conference is debating potentially starting Thanksgiving weekend or in early 2020. The most powerful men in the conference want to play as soon as possible. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Pete Thamel wrote Friday, “The push to play at some point in the calendar year of 2020 is being led by Wisconsin’s Paul Chryst, Ohio State’s Ryan Day, Penn State’s James Franklin, Nebraska’s Scott Frost and Michigan’s Jim Harbaugh.”

This is such a bad look for the Big 10. The most powerful coaches in the conference all want to play ASAP and the moronic university leaders and Cowardly Kevin are standing in their way.

Chryst, Day, Franklin, Harbaugh and Frost are without a doubt the five most important football coaches in the Big 10.

Anyone who says differently is an idiot. I hate Ohio State and I enjoy ripping Nebraska. It’s what I do. Yet, I’m walking shoulder to shoulder with all my rivals in this fight.

We’ll have our fight down the road. Right now, we need to save football, and the most important coaches in the B1G are trying to get it done.

If it was Rutgers and Purdue, nobody would care. It’s Ohio State, Wisconsin and every other B1G powerhouse. This is going to be a gigantic problem for Cowardly Kevin.

He should just admit that he’s way over his skis and quit. Let the adults run the show and he can go back to hiding in the basement.

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