Kirk Herbstreit Says College GameDay Will ‘Try’ To Go On The Road, Fans Attending Is Unlikely

College GameDay might hit the road during the 2020 college football season.

There’s been serious concerns about whether or not the iconic ESPN event and show can happen during the coronavirus pandemic. If it does happen, what will it look like? Well, GameDay star Kirk Herbstreit the event might hit the road like any other season. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)

Herbstreit said the following during a Monday interview on 104.5 The Zone in Nashville, according to Outkick:

Everything is just tentative, but we really are doing everything we can — or at least our bosses are — to try to give the fans the closest thing that we can give them to what you’d expect from GameDay — which means trying to put it on the road. I don’t think they’re gonna have fans at GameDay, obviously. I think we’re gonna try to have some fun — you see the NBA, some of the virtual stuff. We’re talking about Clemson and Florida State, maybe have fans from those schools on monitors going crazy cheering on their team.

You can listen to the full interview below.

This is music to my ears. Everyone knows that you can’t have college football without GameDay. Saturday mornings are reserved for the ESPN show.

My morning routine in the fall is locked into stone. I roll out of bed with a slight hangover super early in the morning (often before the sun is up), crank out some work, fire up GameDay and soak up every second as I prepare for a great day of football.

There are tons of other people out there just like me. College GameDay isn’t just a weekly event in the fall on Saturday mornings.

It’s a lifestyle. It’s something that brings us together and reminds us why college football is so great. We need that to continue more than ever.

Judging from Herbstreit’s words, it sounds like the plan is to take things on the road and just not have fans. I can get down with it.

I’d way rather have that outcome than not having GameDay at all. It’s not even a tough call. Hit the road, get the sets rolling and just keep fans away.

It’s not perfect but nothing is during the coronavirus pandemic.

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