CNN Cuts Into RNC Coverage To Criticize Trump And Guests For Not Wearing Masks

CNN anchors Wolf Blitzer and Dana Bash responded to a Republican National Convention spot — featuring President Donald Trump and several frontline workers — by criticizing them for not observing coronavirus precautions.

Trump spoke to the group — including a police officer, two nurses, a truck driver and a postal worker — about what they had done to help those around them in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. (RELATED: Pelosi: Republicans Who Support Trump Will Have ‘Major Doggy Doo On Their Shoes’)


Trump appeared at ease with the group, which appeared to be spaced out throughout the room. He even joked with one police officer — who explained that she had contracted COVID-19 in March and recovered — telling her that her blood was “very valuable” with regard to the treatments that use the plasma of recovered patients to treat the sick.

When CNN cut away from the speeches for a brief reaction, however, their focus was on the fact that those in the room with the president had not strictly observed the recommended social distancing and mask guidelines.

“Well first of all, they really were not socially distanced, not wearing masks, standing there talking,” Bash said, pivoting to say that it was “telling” that Trump’s first real appearance at the RNC was focused on an issue that many polls have indicated is a weakness: the coronavirus pandemic.

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