Chinese Refugee Blasts China At RNC: ‘The Chinese Communist Party Is The Enemy Of Humanity’

Republicans highlighted President Donald Trump’s increasing hostility toward the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) on the third night of the Republican National Convention.

Chen Guangcheng, a blind refugee from China persecuted in his own nation for arguing against the Communist regime’s “one child” policy, spoke out about the inhumane actions of the CCP. Guancheng said he was persecuted, beaten and put into prison by the hcinese government for speaking out.

“I escaped and was given shelter in the American embassy in Beijing,” he continued.

“I am forever grateful to the American people for welcoming me and my family to the United States where we are now free,” he said. “The CCP is an enemy of humanity. It is terrorizing its own people and it is threatening the well-being of the world.”

“In China, expressing beliefs or ideas not approved by the CCP — religion, democracy, human rights — can lead to prison. The nation lives under mass surveillance and censorship,” he added. (RELATED: Biden Again Quotes Chinese Dictator Chairman Mao In Campaign Appearance)

President Donald Trump, the Republican Party and U.S. allies across the globe have become increasingly critical of China after its government allowed the spread of coronaivrus beyond its borders. Reports suggest the regime allowed flights out of the virus’ origin city of Wuhan to the rest of the world even as it banned flights from the city to the rest of China.

Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne called for an international investigation into China in late April, saying reports of falsified data coming out of Wuhan and the rest of China require “independent review.”

Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang rejected the statement soon afterward, arguing accusations that China had falsified data were “entirely without factual basis,” according to Reuters.

In fact, the intelligence agencies of both Germany and the U.S. have determined that the Chinese Communist Party actively falsified its data on coronavirus cases and deaths. The regime’s official death toll in Wuhan hovers at roughly 3,500, but NBC News reported that the official death count was subject to global scrutiny. In fact, a single mortuary — one of eight in the city — received a shipment of 5,000 urns for the ashes of the deceased in the course of just two days, per the Shanghaiist.

According to a Washington Post report, the true death toll could be as high as 40,000.

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