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Sofia Vergara Smolders In Revealing Silver Bikini Throwback Shot

Sofia Vergara hands definitely got everyone’s attention Thursday when she shared a couple revealing bikini throwback shots on Instagram with her millions of followers.

The 48-year-old actress looked absolutely amazing as she posed for the series of snaps wearing a metallic silver bikini top with a matching miniskirt. (SLIDESHOW: These Women On Instagram Hate Wearing Clothes)

She didn’t have to explain much about the great post and simply captioned it, “#tbt Los Angeles 2000s.” (SLIDESHOW: 142 Times Josephine Skriver Barely Wore Anything)

The superstar‘s social media account is always quite the treat with some unforgettable pictures she’s shared from her various fashion photo shoots to her swimsuit-clad trips all over the world.

Here are a few that we would be remiss not to s...

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Maskless Biden Ignores Social Distancing Guidelines, Whispers To Anderson Cooper

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden appeared to ignore social distancing and mask guidelines during his Thursday evening drive-in town hall on CNN.

During a break in the questions, as the cameras began to zoom out and away from Biden and host Anderson Cooper, the former vice president approached Cooper and leaned in to whisper something to him. (RELATED: PATEL: Biden Could Win Big And Unite The Country; The Scary Part Is He’s Chosen Not To Do It)


“Fox ...

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Trump: ‘You Can’t Go To Church But You Can Rip The Hell Out Of The Streets’

President Donald Trump ripped coronavirus lockdown measures at his Thursday rally in Wisconsin, saying Americans were being kept out of churches even as protesters roamed the streets.

President Trump made the statement after joking that his rallies were now classified as “protests” to get around state and local social distancing measures. Trump has been heavily critical of protesters and rioters across the United States in recent months, sending federal agents to quell unrest in several major cities.

“We don’t call them rallies anymore because you’re not allowed to have a rally of more than 10 people,” Trump said. “You can’t go to church but you can rip the hell out of the streets.”

KENOSHA, WISCONSIN – AUGUST 24: Fires burn around downtown durin...

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Trump Cites Daily Caller Report On Kamala Harris Promoting Bail Fund That Helped Man Who Sexually Assaulted A Child During Wisconsin Rally

President Donald Trump cited information Thursday night that the Daily Caller News Foundation (DCNF) exclusively obtained and reported during his campaign rally in Wisconsin.

The president addressed a variety of topics ranging from his newly rolled out pro-US history curriculum to his distaste for protesters who burn the American flag during his campaign appearance in Mosinee, Wisconsin. He also took time to address the Minnesota Freedom Fund (MFF), a bail fund promoted by Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris.

The Daily Caller recently broke news that the MFF helped free a man accused of sexually assaulting a child and other individuals accused of heinous crimes.

“Kamala Harris and 13 members of Biden’s staff urged their supporters to donate to a fund to bail out rioters… g...

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Biden Interrupts Republican Voter, Tries To Rebut Her Question Before She Finishes It

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden interrupted a Republican voter trying to ask a question during his CNN town hall Thursday.

Biden started to answer, trying to dispute one of the things she had said before she finished laying our her question. (RELATED: Maskless Biden Ignores Social Distancing Guidelines, Whispers To Anderson Cooper)


Host Anderson Cooper introduced Julie Masser Ballay, a member of the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau who said that she had voted for President Donald Trump in 2016.

“Julie, welcome,” Cooper said.

“Thank you,” Ballay replied.

“How are you feeling now, Julie?” Biden asked with a smile.

“Ah —” Ballay shook her head. “Good evening...

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Biden Falsely Claims Trump Held The Bible Upside Down At St. John’s Church

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden falsely claimed that President Donald Trump held the Bible upside down when he stood outside St. John’s Church.

Biden made the comments during Thursday’s drive-in style town hall on CNN, referencing the president’s surprise visit to the church in June after several nights of protests and riots had left the church and other nearby buildings vandalized and burned. (RELATED: President Trump Walks Out Of White House, Holds Up Bible In Front Of St. John’s Church Amid Protests)

In addition to claiming that he had held the Bible upside down, Biden alleged that Trump had returned to the White House and taken refuge in a bunker after taking a photo outside the church.


“A president who stands out there when people are peacefully protesting i...

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FACT CHECK: Did Gen. David Petraeus Author This Essay About The Military?

A viral Facebook post shared over 19,000 times claims retired U.S. Army Gen. David Petraeus authored a long essay about the sacrifices associated with serving in the military.

Verdict: False

Petraeus did not write the essay. U.S. Army veteran Nick Palmisciano confirmed he is the original author.

Fact Check:

The post shares a photo of Petraeus accompanied by a lengthy statement credited to the retired four-star Army general and former CIA director. The essay highlights the decline in the percent of the U.S. population willing to serve in the military and what he allegedly perceives as the American public’s lack of understanding for those who do serve.

“Since 2001, only 0.45% of our population has served in the Global War on Terror,” Petraeus allegedly wrote...

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Kanye West’s Appeal To Appear On Virginia’s Ballot Rejected

Kanye West will not appear on Virginia’s ballot this fall after the state’s Supreme Court denied his appeal Thursday.

The rapper was originally removed from the ballot after a judge granted a temporary injunction sought by Attorney General Mark Herring. West’s campaign appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court in response.

In its conclusion, the court wrote that “having considered the record and arguments presented, we find it is not ‘appropriate under the circumstances of this case’ to alter the temporary injunction.”

Herring, who originally filed a motion for an emergency hearing seeking to block West from the ballot, said he was pleased that the court sided with him, citing the risks that would arise if ballots had to be reprinted.

“This case could have thrown the electio...

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We Did A Totally Unscientific Reader Poll On Boycotting The NFL. Here Are The Results

Since Colin Kaepernick’s infamous anthem protests back in 2016, athletes choosing to kneel for the national anthem has been driving conservatives around the country to tune out of professional games. As the death of George Floyd while in police custody has recently driven racial issues to the center of U.S. politics, major sports leagues have embraced social justice and given athletes much greater freedom to protest during the anthem, driving even more viewers to boycott.

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Jimmy Kimmel Predicts ‘Lowest-Rated Emmys Of All Time’

Comedian Jimmy Kimmel gave a grim prediction for the 2020 Emmys.

Kimmel doesn’t think that many people will tune in to watch the virtual Emmys happening in September, according to an interview published Monday by Deadline.

“I know everyone will get crazy when I say this, but this will probably be the lowest-rated Emmys of all time,” Kimmel told the outlet. “I would bet almost anything on it. Of course it will.”

“It doesn’t mean there aren’t still going to be a lot of people watching,” he continued. “I mean, television is the lowest rated it has been...

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