‘Big Banks, Big Tech And Beijing’: Senator Hawley Speculates Who Will Win And Lose If Biden Beats Trump

Sen. Josh Hawley laid into former Vice President Joe Biden in an editorial Monday, arguing that the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee is nothing more than a “corporate Democrat” who will sell out Americans to China, big banks, and big tech.

Silicon Valley and Wall Street will be the biggest winners if Biden manages to defeat President Donald Trump in November, Hawley wrote in the Fox News op-ed. He further panned the former vice president’s “Build Back Better” plan, which focuses on American workers, according to Biden’s campaign website.

“Let’s be honest – after four years of President Trump upsetting the status quo on Wall Street, in Silicon Valley and Washington, D.C., in favor of working people, the Biden-Harris ticket is all about the revenge of the elites,” the Missouri Republican wrote. (RELATED: ESPN Reporter Adrian Wojnarowski Apologizes For Telling Sen. Josh Hawley ‘F**k You’)

Hawley focused his criticism on Biden’s past work as a Delaware senator, in particular his move “to deregulate the financial services industry, and giant mergers that made certain banks ‘too big to fail’ followed soon after.”

Biden’s decision likely “resulted in the financial crisis of 2008,” Hawley added.

FILE PHOTO: Former Vice President Joe Biden talks with Senator Kamala Harris after the conclusion of the 2020 Democratic U.S. presidential debate in Houston, Texas, U.S., September 12, 2019. REUTERS/Mike Blake

Biden was unable to address the deregulation problems once he became vice president, according to the Missouri senator.

“Virtually no senior executives of Wall Street firms were prosecuted for their role in our economy’s collapse, when it’s clear that those who played fast and loose with the securitization of home mortgages were the ones who brought it all crashing down,” Hawley noted.

Hawley also targeted Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate.

“Harris in particular has spent years cultivating close ties with Big Tech, and did next to nothing to stand up to these corporate behemoths during her time as attorney general of California,” Hawley wrote, referring to the California Democrat’s big tech ties. “In a Biden-Harris administration, these tech companies will have ever greater power to pry into our phones, into our families, into our lives.”

Harris has cultivated relationships with a variety of tech titans, including Salesforce founder Marc Benioff and early Facebook president Sean Parker, as well as billionaire Democratic power brokers like Reid Hoffman and John Doerr, Vox blog Recode reported Aug. 11.

Hawley, a critic of China and big tech companies, also lashed out at Biden, accusing him of being subservient to Beijing.

“Biden voted … to normalize trade relations with China,” Hawley wrote. Biden’s decision to liberalize trade with Beijing cost the United States “at least two million good jobs, thanks to the endless flow of cheap Chinese goods,” the senator noted.

Hawley concluded, “To this day, Biden claims that China ‘is not competition for us’ and has mused about rolling back Trump’s tariffs should he be elected. Beijing could not be happier.”

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